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Established and incorporated in the United Kingdom, EBANX Limited provide borderless payment solutions to make it easier for merchants to build global businesses that can make and accept any payment, anywhere from across Latin America and around the world. With payout and payin solutions, we build bridges and uncover new possibilities for companies and merchants.

Transforming payments in Latin America and the rest of the world since 2012, we achieve our dreams by bringing continuous innovation and payment intelligence that provides the easy, cost-effective and reliable payment solutions for businesses anywhere in the world.

Learn more about how our solutions can improve your life and your business.


Payment solutions for global businesses

EBANX covers all the bases for doing business globally. Our solutions include payout, payin and payment processing. EBANX provides you with the flexibility to choose the solution that best fits your business, all in one unique package which can be tailored to solve your business challenges and to drive growth.


Payment processing

As the global market grows, online businesses from all over the world are starting to explore business opportunities beyond borders. However, international payments in some countries can be challenging and may limit the possibilities.

By using EBANX’s technology, we can help our merchants and clients achieve their business dreams by managing their payment flows in a secure, effective and efficient way.


International payout and payin

From single to mass settlements, from one-time to recurring payments, from international or domestic business, our solutions are tailored and designed to handle the unique needs of your operational model, while guaranteeing a simplified and efficient payment flow.

The EBANX payout solution offers a seamless experience, in which brands can easily navigate the local challenges of paying contractors in different countries and currencies, safely and quickly.


The complete payment solution is possible

We believe in the power of creativity and innovation. So the word impossible doesn’t exist in our vocabulary. That’s precisely why we created payment technology designed to connect people. Consumers and businesses now have another thing in common to talk about.

EBANX Limited is an Electronic Money Institution authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under register number 900847 to conduct e-money business and to provide payment services. EBANX Limited is also compliant with the UK Data Protection Act, GDPR and LGPD (Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados Pessoais).


Our Story

Latin American DNA in the United Kingdom. EBANX started as the smallest company of the Endeavor programme ( Latin America FinTech accelerator programme). With far-reaching vision and commitment to our dreams we established goals to pursue. FTV Capital believed in us and, through new investment, we became one of the first FinTech unicorns in Brazil.

Our payment industry expertise and values desire to deliver competitive pricing, reduce complexity and provide fair treatment to our merchants and customers to unlock the potential of people, communities and businesses everywhere.

To provide international products and services for all merchants in a globalised and interconnected world, where cultural and regional differences are taken into account.

We are based in the UK and able to offer more connections with fewer borders and new opportunities. Come share the EBANX way and learn more about how our solutions can improve your life and your business.

Fraud Prevention, Security and Data Privacy


For Businesses

EBANX provides a full risk prevention platform and services to balance the protection of your business with optimal payment performance. Our technology helps you achieve the security you need using cutting edge technology and localised databases.

This solution is designed to protect your business through three pillars:

  1. Continuous improvement
  2. EBANX Shield is our localised smart fraud prevention technology specially designed to support you in every way, balancing security with optimal payment performance in a single solution.


  3. Performance monitoring
  4. We will always inform you about what’s happening to your operation, including your business’ health. Therefore, we’ll provide insights to improve your rates available on the Analytics section within the EBANX dashboard.


  5. Certification and regulatory compliance

     Electronic Money Regulations 2011
      Payment Services Regulations 2017
     ISO 27001 Certification
     PCI DSS 3.2 | Certification level 1
     GDPR and LGPD

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